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Bandung is one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Java, possibly even in Java. Bandung has its own charm, the majority of the area is a plateau region makes the city has a cool air and cold. Lembang is a Natural attractions in Bandung also tend to be dominated by nature, located in the highlands.

Bandung became a tourist destination most favored by the whole society, because the area is surrounded by mountains make Bandung are cold and cool. There are a lot of beautiful natural attractions and very intriguing. In addition it is also a paradise for culinary Bandung, Bandung kkas food was very liked by the tourists from various regions.

Travelers who've come to visit Bandung recognize the beauty of this developing city. The beauty possessed Bandung also recognized and acknowledged by the residents themselves Bandung. Therefore they always keep his city so that its beauty can still be enjoyed by everyone. To make the environment beautiful garden created an awful lot. Parks In Bandung make the environment beautiful atmosphere becomes resting place decent enough place to relax with friends or family,

Holidays with family or close friends is the most warm and memorable. because Bandung has many interesting tourism, especially for children.

You do not need a loss for travel in Bandung, there are many sights in Bandung ranging from nature tourism, education tourism, culinary tours to shopping tours are complete. In addition, each of the sights offer unique, no matter where you are on vacation in Bandung.

For those of you who do not have families or relatives in Bandung, do not worry if you are visiting Bandung. To stay, you'll need a rental venue. But fear not, a lot of cheap lodging in Bandung. Many of the places that rent for specialty services such as villa 's, guest houses or hotel 's in Bandung that the rent cost is quite affordable but good quality.

Culinary tourism in Bandung with a more pleasant atmosphere to treat food dish was delicious and accompanied by an atmosphere scenery beautiful natural attractions and beautiful. Kampung Daun for example, is one eating place with a very romantic atmosphere. Using the concept of the countryside is quiet and calm around Lembang.

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